Cadillac LYRIQ

Introducing the 2023 Cadillac LYRIQ

Meet the Cadillac of electric vehicles. The dawn of a bright new era. Our electric future, rooted in more than a century of innovation, begins with an uncompromising electric SUV. An EV that inspires its driver to charge forward to a greater purpose—with every sublime detail.

482+ km of Range

The average Cadillac XT5 owner travels 40 miles (64 km) a day. Compare that with LYRIQ’s Cadillac-estimated over 300 miles of range (over 482 km) with a full charge, and it’s clear LYRIQ is poised to bring your destinations comfortably within range.

Super Cruise

LYRIQ offers available Super Cruise, the first true hands-free driver assistance technology for compatible roads. And with an ever-growing network, you can travel on over 200,000 miles (over 321,000 km) of compatible roads throughout North America.

Advanced LED Screen

Cadillac LYRIQ’s 33 inch (83.8 cm) diagonal advanced LED display has the ability to emit over one billion colours, every radiant detail motivates your journey forward. Enjoy Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and other great features on your LYRIQ’s impressive display.

Choreographed LED Lighting

736 exterior LED lights are choreographed to animate as you approach and walk away from your vehicle. The illumination sequence starts with the Cadillac Crest and dances across the entire vehicle. Once inside, ambient lighting draws your eye to every small detail and prepares you for the journey ahead.

19-Speaker Sound System

AKG brings the pure studio sound to your LYRIQ with a Cadillac-exclusive AKG Studio 19-speaker sound system. It provides a sound so precise, so perfect and clear from distortion. All speakers are placed for sound optimization, ensuring the driver and passengers have an immersive audio experience.

A Serene Cabin

Once seated, you are energized by a seamless landscape of design and function within your cabin. To hear your music—or conversation—better, enhanced Active Noise Cancellation uses sensors in each wheel to calibrate a quiet luxury in your cabin tuned to real-time road impact and suspension data.

Feel the Surge

Feel that? That’s the estimated 325 lb.-ft. of near-instantaneous torque and 340 horsepower pressing you into your seat. Then, you get that road-hugging sensation from the 5-link front and rear suspension. The all-electric 2023 LYRIQ launches with Rear-Wheel Drive in the first half of 2022. Orders for the Performance All-Wheel Drive model will begin in late 2022.

Charge into a New Era

With the available dual on-board charging package, LYRIQ will offer at-home Level 2 (AC) charge rates up to 19.2 kW, or up to 52 miles (83.6 km) of range per charging hour—and DC fast charging for public charging rates of up to 190 kW, or up to 76 miles (122.3 km) of range in just 10 minutes—freeing you to revel in the moment and to let go of range anxiety.

The Versatile Ultium Platform

Performance is part of Cadillac’s DNA and the new Ultium battery platform takes performance to the next level on the Cadillac LYRIQ. As a structural element of the body chassis system, Ultium enables a near 50/50 weight distribution of the vehicle and a lower center of gravity, which together result in a vehicle that’s sporty, responsive and allows for spirited driving.